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About The Artist

Just in case you were wondering about who I am and whatnot, here is a short bio......

So...Here I am...

I was born in Madisonville, Kentucky in November of 1978 (that makes me a scorpio..yay!) to Linda and Louis Mitchell. My parents split up when I was two, and I was raised in Nashville, TN, visiting my father once a month in Lexington, TN. Out of it all, I gained a wonderful sister, Tonya and a stepsister, Jessica, who I have lost contact with. Tonya has gone on to become a recording artist with Universal Records...go girl!

I played trumpet and piano all throughout my childhood, and won many awards in the state for my horn blowing abilities. I graduated from High School in 1997 and atteneded Belmont University in Nashville, where I majored in medicine. I soon realized that medicine was not my passion, so I decided to persue my art. I moved to Jackson in 1999 to live with my father and go to school at Jackson State Community College, where I still attend classes, majoring in art and graphic design. I have won several awards for my fantasy and illustrative works in the past 5 years, and am very proud of it!

I am now 23 and live with the love of my life, Jefferson, in a cute little home in Jackson and we share a wonderful life here. He has 2 beautiful children, Kadie and Jennifer, whom I love with all of my heart. Jeff and I plan to be married on Halloween, 2002. I am a practicing Celtic Pagan and am very passionate about my faith. We are a very peaceful, loving,and eclectic group of people, and take great pride in our mother earth. For more information, please contact me!

My mother still lives in Nashville and my father (Goddess rest his wonderful soul) passed away recently on July 23, 2001 of a massive heart attack. My heart is heavy with grief, but my faith gives me the strength to go on. May the spirits guard and guide him in all the rest of his journeys!

Well, I am sure I told you a little more than you wanted to know, but might be the nosey type like I am! I know I am curious about each person that crosses my path in life. Again, thanks for visiting my site, and for supporting independent artists everywhere!


Mug Shots

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide


I know these are black and white...but just so ya know....I am a redhead...goooo Irish!